Keeper Program

Keeper Program – Terms & Conditions for making Our Gear – Your Gear!

We offer our customers a unique and amazing shopping experience where you can purchase our lightly used equipment at the conclusion of your rental! The hard-core outdoorsmen and women who prefer to own their outdoor gear can benefit from our rental programs by testing and evaluating gear before making a big investment.

What it means: You rent the item at our normal rates so you can evaluate the product in the field. Prior to your rental, let us know you are considering purchasing the item as a “Keeper”. We will quote the price of the item when we ship it out to you on your invoice paperwork included with the shipment. You should soon see a range of Keeper prices on each item’s shopping page on the website. This represents the approximate range of prices for the individual copies of that item we have in our inventory. Some items are brand new or in better condition than others. If you want a brand new item, we can also order it for you and quote retail pricing.

On the other hand, we may also be able to send you one that has been used more if you are interested in getting the absolute lowest price. We keep detailed records of each item’s use history and condition so we can maintain accurate values in our database.

Our gear is almost always for sale, and since it is lightly used, we can typically offer a nice discount compared to retail. Most of our customers take extremely good care of our products during their rentals, so items are typically in near-perfect condition. This program is popular with our customers, so most products don’t see much action before they find a new home. We will do our best to offer you a great deal. If you disagree with the price offered, give us a call. There is always a chance that we haven’t appraised the item accurately or we simply made an error with the quote. Call 1-855-355-3337 or shoot us an email to before you ship the item back and we might be able to adjust the price.  We are hoping to soon have online checkout available where you can complete the keeper purchase online by fall of 2021.

Keeper Program Policy:

• You can apply a maximum of 7 item-days of rental fees toward the purchase of a single item (excluding taxes and shipping fees). An item-day is the rental cost for a given item for one day.
• Accessories provided with rental items, including, but not limited to, hard cases, binocular harnesses, lens cleaning accessories, tripod adapters, spotting scope covers, and quick release plates are not included in keeper pricing quotes. The accessories can be quoted on request. Customer is responsible for timely return of accessories using the pre-paid return label and the original rental order packaging.
• In the event you rent an item for longer than 7 combined days, the first 7 days of the rental fee will be applied toward your purchase.
• You can also rent multiple competing items to compare side by side. Up to 7 combined item-days of similar items can be applied to the purchase of a single item.

– For Example: You could rent 3 binoculars for 2 days each and apply all 3 rentals (6 item-days) toward the chosen item.
– Or you could rent two pair of similar binoculars for 3 days and apply the combined 6 days of rentals toward the purchase of one item.

• When renting multiple items for longer than 7 item-days, the amount that can be applied as a credit toward a purchase will be split evenly among the items rented to calculate 7 item-days.

– For example if you rent 3 items for 3 days each, your keeper credit is calculated as (7/9) x the combined rental fee for all 3 items, excluding shipping and tax.

• Items must be similarly priced. You may not rent the most expensive spotting scope and the least expensive spotting scope and apply the expensive rental toward purchase of the cheaper item. In these cases, we may allow 50% of the higher-priced rental to be applied toward the cheaper item for up to 7 combined item-days.
• You may not rent multiple different kinds of items and apply the rental toward one of the items.

– For example: You may not rent a binocular and a tent and apply any portion of the binocular rental cost toward the purchase of the tent and vice-versa.

• Not all items are available for purchase. In some cases, items cannot be readily replaced due to limited supply, it may be discontinued, or we may have a rental booked for the item sooner than we can get a replacement. We will do our best to meet your purchase requests and will be happy to sell you the item as soon as we can secure a replacement to replenish our inventory. Please understand rental bookings always take precedence over keeper purchase requests. If an item is not returned on time, additional fees and penalties will be applied according to the rental contract terms and conditions.
• RGnG LLC reserves the right to alter or halt this program without notice, at any time.
• Keeper requests or application of rental credit toward a purchase will be granted at the sole discretion of RGnG LLC management.
• If you are denied a purchase due to inventory limits, we will note the keeper credit to your account so that it can be applied as soon as we have a sufficient inventory of the item that we can sell. Once the item is re-offered to the customer you will have 10 days to respond to the purchase offer. After the 10 days expires, any keeper credit on file will also expire.

– Additional shipping charges will apply if the Keeper item must be shipped back to the customer from RGnG LLC.
– In all other cases, credit for your rental can only be applied toward the purchase of an item while it is in your possession.
• Rental credit may not be applied toward an item you did not rent.

– For example: You rented binocular A and binocular B for 3 days each. At the conclusion of the rental, you would not be able to apply the rental cost toward binocular C, unless it was also rented and is in your possession.

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the Keeper Program. Note all rental and shipping policies apply to Demo to Buy, and returned “Keeper” items.