Leofoto Mr. Q LQ-324C Carbon Fiber Tripod

The MrQ Series is a premium carbon tripod fiber from Leofoto that merges with their most advanced technologies and a new “radical” QD column design to provide the ultimate flexibility for the outdoors.

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The versatile Mr. Q LQ-324C Carbon Fiber Tripod from Leofoto is a feature-rich and lightweight tripod with a maximum height of 66.3″ when used with the convertible 11″ rapid center column and a maximum height of 54.9″ when used with the static platform instead. The legs feature independent spread to achieve level positioning on uneven terrain and to allow a low perspective minimum shooting height of 6.5″ while still maintaining a load capacity of 33 pounds.

The QD center column is an outstanding feature that allows you to customize the tripod for the situation. Use the center column for the convenience of rapid height adjustments, or leave the column at the truck and use the rigid platform to shed unwanted weight for backpacking and maximizing stability for heavier optics, shooting, or using long telephoto lenses. It’s one of the best options for serious rifle hunters needing who need maximum stability in a lightweight package.


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Leofoto Mr. Q LQ-324C+LH-40 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head

  • Max. height (w/o center column): 55″
  • Max. height (with center column): 66.1”
  • Folded length: 580mm/22.8”
  • Leg Sections : 4
  • Leg Locking Angles: 4
  • Min. height: 165mm/6.5”
  • Max load: 15kg/33lb
  • Tripod Weight: 3.25 lb. w/o column, 3.65 lb. with column
  • CNC tripod , Hard anodize
  • 10X Layers Carbon fiber tubes:
  • Leg diameters – 32/28/25/22MM


·         1 х Lеоfоtо Мr.Q LQ-324С Тrіроd

·         1 х Rеmоvеаblе Сеntrе Соlumn

·         1 х Rеmоvеаblе Нооk

·         1 х Ѕоft Рrоtесtіvе Саrrу Саѕе

·         3 х Аllеn Wrеnсh

·         3 х Ѕtаіnlеѕѕ Ѕtееl Ѕріkеѕ

·         1 х Мultі-Тооl

·         1 х Ассеѕѕоrу Ваg

·         1 х Wеіght Нооk