Leofoto Urban LX-284CT+XB-38 Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod w/Head

The Leofoto LX 284CT+XB-38 28mm is a 4 section compact Carbon Fiber tripod with Ball Head XB38.

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The Leofoto Urban LX-284CT+XB-38 Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod w/Head it is remarkably light in weight, but solid as a rock. A removable center column and a the versatile XB-38 ball head with friction knob are included.

180° leg-folding mechanism
The legs can be reverse folded 180°. Pull out the bottom hook, then remove the center column by loosening the twist locks. Set the angles of tripod to the maximum stops, install extra-short center column, mounting platform and 3/8″ & 1/4″ mounting studs one by one. Tighten the twist locks and the ground setting is now complete.

Leofoto Ball Head Family
These professional ball heads are designed to support heavy loads and their ergonomic design facilitates smooth and efficient operation. Relative to the more traditional 3-axis pan and tilt heads, these heads are inherently easier to operate. Lacking a long panning handle, they fit easily into the average camera bag and take up less space. Aiming, levelling, and locking is accomplished by a simple twist of one control knob with minimal torque. Five head sizes, varying in load capacity and weight, have been designed to match the balance the specification requirements of Leofoto tripods.


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Closed Length 15.1″ to 20″
Material Carbon Fiber
Tripod Head Ballhead
Maximum Extended Height 65.1″ to 75″
Maximum Height 65.1″ to 75″
Weight 3.1 to 5 lbs
Leg Sections 4
Maximum Load Capacity 20.1 to 25 lbs
Minimum Height 7.1″ to 10″
Type Still & Video
Kit Style Base
Color Black

1 x Leofoto LX-284CT Carbon Fibre Tripod 

1 x Leofoto XB-38 Ball Head

1 x Center Column

Included accessories

The carrier bag

The Leofoto tripods are supplied in a padded carrier bag. The type of carrier bag depends on the series and the size of the tripod. All bags are made of nylon and have a handgrip. It may so happen that the size of the bag exceeds the size of the tripod. This way, also a ball head will fit in the bag, should you buy this separately with the tripod.

Rubber feet and metal spikes

The tripods are equipped with rubber feet that prevent the legs from slipping on a smooth studio floor. Apart from the rubber feet, most Leofoto tripods also include a set of spikes. If the tripod does not contain spikes, it means that the diameter of the leg section is too small for using spikes.

The rubber feet can be unscrewed, applying a bit of force, after which you screw the spikes into the leg. There is a hole on the side of the spikes, to enable you to firmly screw them by use of an Allen wrench. 


This is quite a convenient tool with different instruments for your Leofoto tripod. It is basically the only tool you will need. The tool has a coin opener to screw your quick release shoe just a bit tighter on your camera. In addition, it has a 3 mm Allen Wrench to attach separately available tripod accessories like a Magic Arm. The screws of the tripod legs should be tightened with the 4 mm Allen wrench. You can even use the tool to open a bottle of beer, although this has nothing to do with a tripod. Using the hook you can hang this key on your bag, so it can be reached easily.

Snap hook

The snap hook is included with all regular Ranger tripods, with the exception of the Ranger LS-223C. The Ranger tripods have a 3/8-inch threaded hole at the bottom of the centre plate.

Allen wrenches


Depending on the Leofoto tripod, a number of Allen wrenches are included. You can use them to screw the tripod screws of, for instance the legs, the ball head and possibly also the spikes.