The TFCT-34 Mk2 is our compact, standing-height RRS Series 3 tripod designed to support rifles and larger hunting optics.

RRS’s Series 3 Tripods represent the pinnacle of tripod design and performance. TFCT-34 Mk2 Series 3 Tripods weigh in at only 4.4 pounds yet easily  supports 50 – 85 pounds. They combine the RRS ideal of soul-satisfying feel and finish with best-in-class strength and resilience.

All features, materials, fit and finish in a SOAR series tripod meet and exceed the best in the world. RRS painstakingly machines most components in-house and assembles each tripod by hand. What they don’t produce in-house is still made in the United States down to the smallest screw. SOAR Series 3 Tripods are the perfect choice for serious gear. They’re built for rock solid support of large caliber precision rifles, but their incredibly light-weight also makes them easy to carry and use with all gear. Mk2 from Really Right Stuff is a mid-weight carbon fiber tripod designed for use in the field.

The TFC-34 is constructed from Really Right Stuff’s patented carbon fiber weave and its 4-section leg design allows the tripod to extend to a maximum height of 68.8″ and lower down to a minimum working height of just 4″ with 3 position leg angles.

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Quick set-up and break-down is facilitated by easy-to-use twist locks, which require just a quarter rotation to unlock and re-lock each leg section. This design also helps to maintain the tripod’s slim folded silhouette. Additionally, when traveling with or storing the tripod, the entire support can fold down to just 24.4″ in length, small enough to travel or hike with.

Each leg is attached to the tripod’s collar via an offset leg joint that helps to evenly distribute heavy loads and maintain the tripod’s rigidity. The joints and collar are constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum which, aside from lending inherent strength to the tripod, also provides it with natural wear and corrosion resistance. Each one of the three leg joints also feature a variable angle stop that automatically locks into place as the legs are folded downward into “standard” position.

The TFC-34L’s feet are a unique teardrop shape that prevents the leg sections from touching the ground at even the lowest height settings and the most unusual angles. Their rubber exterior provides a non-slip grip on nearly any surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors without concern. For users wishing to change the native rubber feet to metal “all-terrain” spikes, a set of metal spikes are available separately.

It’s 4-section leg design allows the tripod to extend to a maximum height of 60.8″, lower down to a minimum working height of 4″, fold down to a length of 23.6″, and safely support up to 85 lb
Twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism
Smaller diameter, fixed apex has multiple 1/4″-20 sockets for accessories
Rubber feet provide a non-slip grip on surfaces and can be switched to metal “all-terrain” spikes, which are available separately


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It’s easy to think your tripod is good enough… until you actually try one that is. RRS makes the best in my opinion. I can mount a 20 pound PRS rifle on this tripod and it’s unbelievably stable.  You’ve never seen you optics so clear as when they’re absolutely rock solid – even the mighty BTX 95 or the ATX 95 cranked to 70 can be used in substantial wind with little or no vibration. If it’s really howling you’ll still be able to glass when most guys would have to pack it up and hike over the ridge to glass the other direction, where the animals aren’t.

But wait… no center column!?!! Oh no? Trust me here. Losing that crutch (center column) is the best thing that ever happened to the stability of a tripod. Any pro photographer that shoots with telephoto lenses can tell you that raising the center column is going to degrade image quality unless you speed up shutter speed and crank up the ISO to reduce blur. It might take you one extra adjustment on the leg height to get it to the perfect height for glassing, but it’s worth it. Not having the center column sticking down to bump with your leg is nice too. I kind of sit inside the tripod legs now because there’s plenty of room. The trade off is that the collapsed length is longer for the same maximum height. They have to use a longer main tube. 

I was never been a fan of using ball-heads for glassing – until now. The Anvil-30 head goes from just enough tension to full lock up in about 1/8 of the lever throw. This provides the resolution and feel you need to repeatably set tension for smooth panning up/down, or side to side and lockup with minimal movement of the lever with very little, if any scope sag. The tension stays consistent while panning and you never get the dreaded flop that happens with cheaper heads when you hit a loose spot. The lever is very intuitive and easy to use. Everyone that I’ve had try the head for glassing has been very impressed. Even us die-hard pan/tilt head lovers get along with it well.

The clamp will attach to an ARCA rail (1.5″ dovetail), or a picatinny style rail with it’s dual jaws. Our rifles all have an ARCA tripod plate so you can clamp right into the center near the balance point. Or if you needed a super long bipod, you could remove the bipod and clamp on the picatinny bipod rail. The tripod also makes an excellent rear-rest. Check out the brief video I did showing some of these options. The anvil head will also clamp directly on the bottom of most Swarovski branded spotting scopes and binocular/tripod adapters, eliminating the need for a tripod plate.

Having a tripod that doubles as the most versatile rifle rest out there is a tremendous asset to have in your pack. One of the most difficult aspects of making a shot is being able to build a stable position in steep terrain. A tripod with a huge range of adjustment is an absolute game changer. If you can see over the brush, you can get solid. After just a little dry-fire practice to get familiar with using it, most shooters can consistently hammer 10″ steel targets well beyond 500 yards in good conditions.

The RRS TFC-34 weighs a bit more than your typical backpacking tripod, but it’s amazingly light given its size and uncanny stability. If you want to make the most of your glassing efforts and have a huge advantage when it comes time to make the shot, this tripod gets my highest recommendation. 

Shoot straight!



  • Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Load Capacity 1st Position Fully Extended: 85lbs/ 39kg
  • Load Capacity 2nd Position Fully Extended: 50lbs/ 23kg
  • Load Capacity 3rd Position Fully Collapsed: 70lbs/ 32kg
  • 1st Position Maximum Height: 60.8″/ 155cm
  • 1st Position Minimum Height: 21.8″/ 55cm
  • 1st Position 3/4 Segments Extended: 46.7″/ 119cm
  • 2nd Position Maximum Height: 42.7″/ 109cm
  • 2nd Position Minimum Height: 16.3″/ 41cm
  • 3rd Position Minimum Height: 6.4″/ 16cm
  • Folded Length: 23.6″/ 60cm
  • Folded Diameter: 4.1″/ 10cm
  • (Heights & weights include the Anvil-30 Ball head attached)
  • Weight: 4.79lbs/ 2173g

New twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism, providing better resistance to the elementsFeatures:

  • New improved knurling pattern feels better on your skin
  • New collets replace the old locking gibbs, reducing lock engagement to half the travel to lock and unlock faster with less effort
  • New O-rings help keep threads clean and smooth while providing better tactile feedback
  • New vented clevis design allow legs to collapse faster without pressure buildup
  • New threaded sockets on the sides of the apex provide better placement for accessories like QD (Quick Detach) attachments or a BC-18
  • Patent-pending Taper Lock System secures the ballhead inside the apex making it unable to slip
  • Offset Leg Joints: tripods must occasionally withstand tremendous bending and torsion loads; it is crucial that the leg angle stops and all other structural joints are well supported; our patented offset leg joints fully support the leg angle stops allowing loads to be transferred straight through the strongest members of the tripod; this also means the tripod is more compact when collapsed
  • Rubber Ball Feet: large diameter teardrop shape keeps leg sidewalls from touching the ground even at the lowest settings and makes positive contact with the ground at virtually any angle
  • Anodized, Type III Black
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Made from CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Solid ring apex for strength and reliability
  • Ergonomic spring-loaded pull tabs with visual lock/unlock
  • Fast, modular, and customizable design


TFCT-34 Tripod Legs

Anvil-30 ball-head

Arca/RRS 1.5″ Dovetail Adapter Plate and 1/4-20 Screw