Leica 10×42 HD-B 3000 Rangefinding Binocular

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The Leica 10×42 Geovid HD-B 3000 Rangefinder Binocular combines powerful optical performance with a long-distance 3000-yard laser rangefinder and ballistic computer into a highly portable and easy-to-use optic.

Optically, the Geovid utilizes Leica’s Perger-Porro prism optical design that yields the compact form factor of a roof prism with the rich depth of field and interference-free light path of a traditional Porro prism. To further improve image quality, is an internal baffle system to suppress stray light and the HDC fully multi-coated optical system that maximizes light transmission, while improving color fidelity and contrast. Its ultra-wide field of view helps to minimize the appearance of the distracting hand-shake that is often associated with holding powerful optics such as this, while also presenting the user with an immersive observational experience.

The range finding system integrates an inclinometer and ballistics computer with the powerful IR laser to improve first-shot accuracy. Its inclinometer measures the relative angle from the user to the target, then combines that with the linear range, to provide an adjusted distance to enable them to better judge the hold-over/-under. The addition of Leica’s Advanced Ballistic Compensation system utilizes one of 12 pre-programmed ballistic curves based on common ammunition loads, combined with the adjusted range and environmental conditions, to further improve hold-over/-under accuracy. Users can also create custom curves on the Leica website and load them onto the Geovid, refining the precision even more. Hold-over/-under values can be displayed as the adjusted range, the relative angle, or in MOA/Mils to enable fast click adjustments to riflescope turrets.

Leica employs an open-bridge/dual-hinge design that makes the Geovid lighter and easier to handle without sacrificing strength or stability. Protecting the optics and electronics is a magnesium alloy chassis that is lightweight and durable. The body is wrapped in a protective rubber armor that provides a slip-resistant grip. To withstand the rigors of the trail, the optical tubes are nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and submersible, and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Optical Performance
Powerful 10x magnification allows for detailed observations of distant subjects
42mm objective lenses boost light gathering ability while ensuring the optical tubes remain thin for easier handling
Perger-Porro prism optical design combines the rich depth of field of a Porro prism light path while maintaining the more compact straight-line optical tube of a roof prism, without the phase interference, to minimize light loss and internal diffraction
HDC fully multi-coated system has abrasion-resistant and anti-reflection properties to protect exterior lens surfaces, and maximize light transmission with a natural neutral color fidelity and improved contrast
Internal baffle system suppresses stray light for improved contrast
Hydrophobic AquaDura coating on external optical surfaces allows dirt, dust, and fingerprints to be removed easily without leaving residue on the lens surfaces
Ultra-wide 70° apparent angle of view helps to minimize the appearance of distracting hand-shake that is often associated with holding high-power optics, to present an immersive observational experience
374′ field of view at 1000 yd

Laser Rangefinder
Class 1 eye-safe infrared laser
Displays distance in yards or meters
Range: 10 to 3000 yd (10 to 2742m)
Accuracy, 10-550 yd: ±1 yd (1m)
Accuracy, 550-1100 yd: ±2 yd (2m)
Accuracy, 1100 yd +: ±0.5%
Spot mode for range to single subject; Scan mode for continuous measurement to multiple or moving targets
Metering time averages 0.5 seconds
Integrated inclinometer measures the angle relative to the target
Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) mode uses angle and range to calculate an adjusted horizontal distance to target for improved accuracy from 10 – 1200 yd (10-1100m)
Four-digit LED overlay with auto-brightness adjustment
Simple and intuitive two-button right-handed user interface
Runs on one included CR2 battery
ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) System
Combines data from rangefinder, inclinometer, temperature, and atmospheric pressure with installed ballistic curves to provide hold-over/-under compensation values
Compensation values displayed as hold-over, adjusted distance to target (EHR), or MOA/mils for the number of clicks required on the riflescope turrets
12 pre-installed fixed ballistic curves based on the most popular round loads allows for easy ballistic drop compensation (BDC)
Ballistic calculator on Leica website enables user to build custom curves for specific loads, save them to a microSD card, and load them onto the optic via its card slot
Use and Handling
Open-bridge/dual-hinge configuration reduces weight while providing a solid platform for the internal focusing system and rangefinder
Slip-resistant center focus wheel is easy to use with high precision, even when wearing gloves
±4 dioptric correction enables user to compensate for optical prescriptions for sharper views
Twist-up 4-position click-stop rubber eyecups for use with or without eyewear
Long 20mm eye relief makes long-duration viewing easier and more comfortable
4.2mm exit pupil covers most pupils as they open and dilate in low light to keep the entire scene in the view
Construction Details
Open-bridge/dual-hinge design provides increased strength and more gripping surface area
Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy housing
Slip-resistant and protective rubber armoring
Nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and submersible to 16.5′, and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme changes in temperature or environmental conditions
Weight: 33 oz, with battery

Maximum Range

3,000 yds


10×42 HD


33.3 oz


7 x 4.9 x 2.8″ / 17.8 x 12.5 x 7 cm

Battery Type


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