PULSAR PSP 56 mm ring adapter for Krypton

Quick release adapter with precise screen positioning mechanism in the field of view of day optics. A thermal imaging or digital night vision attachment mounted on daylight optics using a quick release PSP adapter can be removed and installed within seconds. The precise screen positioning mechanism enables the perfect alignment of the thermal or night vision image in the field of view of daylight optics for maximum viewing comfort. [guns_rent_button]

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PULSAR PSP 56 mm ring adapter for Krypton

Metal housing
Unaffected by fluctuating temperatures
Quick-change capability
Precise positioning of the module display in the daytime optical device’s field of view
The thermal imaging or digital module, attached to a daytime optical device with a PSP quick-change adapter, can be removed and reattached in a matter of seconds. The precise positioning mechanism allows the central alignment of a thermal or night vision image within the daytime optics’ field of view, for maximum viewing comfort.

Metal housing

Components made of different types of metal are used in the design of PSP adapters. The adapter housing is made of milled aluminium alloy for its extra strength and low weight. The screws, retainer clip and pins are made of steel.

Insert rings

One of the adapter rings supplied is inserted into the adapter in order to attach it to a daytime optical device’s objective (a sight, binoculars or riflescope). The choice of insert ring is determined by the outer diameter of the optical device’s objective housing to which the module is to be attached. The rings are made of plastic, which ensures a gentle contact with the daytime optical device as well as a stable contact with the adapter (compact, uniform system).

Quick-change capability

The module and the PSP adapter are securely coupled by means of a threaded connection. The adapter together with the module is the attached to the daytime optical device’s objective by closing the clip. It takes just a few seconds to attach and detach. The design of the adapter allows it to be installed with the retainer clip on the left or the right, as preferred.

Unaffected by fluctuating temperatures

Large temperature differences do not affect the adapter’s operation. Assembled indoors, the adapter can be operated in severe frost without adjustment.

Precise positioning of the module display in the daytime optical device’s field of view

You can adjust the position of the module’s display in the field of view of an optical riflescope or other daylight optic by means of a special mechanical component. The observation will be thorough and informative.

Outer diameter

The 56mm PSP adapter is designed for optics with outer diameters of: 59.7mm to 65.6mm

Connection – Adapter rings
Front lens diameter (mm) – 56

Color  – black


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