RRS VYCE Universal Rifle/Equipment Mount

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  • Ambidextrous and secure fit with wedging jaws
  • Weight centering, simultaneous moving jaws
  • Contact pads grab surfaces and edges on a variety of objects
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 and 7075 Aluminum
  • All corners and edges are rounded for better feel and ergonomics
  • Tumbled, satin finish
  • Hard-Anodized; Type III Black
  • Two 3/8″-16 threaded accessory mounting sockets for RRS Rail
  • ARCA/RRS QD Dovetail is included with our VYCE mounts

This is a great option if you need a way to mount your rifle to a tripod and you don’t have a gunsmith with the know-how or the time to install an Arca / RRS 1.5″ dovetail or picatinny/NATO rail to the bottom of your stock. It’s incredibly solid for a universal, clamp-style rifle rest. It is sooooo much more stable than the injection molded mounts or the borderline useless V and U-shaped pod saddles you have seen that don’t clamp. Honestly, I wouldn’t piss on a plastic clamp or saddle mount to put out a fire, let alone spend good money on one.

The VYCE isn’t exactly lightweight, but it’s a lot lighter than carrying out a tag you didn’t fill because you didn’t have one. It’s the best option available, bar-none, if you can’t use direct mount QD dovetail system like the Anvil-30 Ball Head.

Shoot Straight and notch tags my friend!



Q: What is the maximum width for the clamp?

A: The maximum width is 3 inches per the manufacturer.


Q: Where should I mount my rifle in the clamp?

A: Mount your rifle as close to the natural balance point between the muzzle and the recoil pad as possible. This puts less torque on your tripod and keeps loads in line with the natural structure of your equipment to maximize stability.


Q: Do you have any techniques you can recommend for shooting more accurately off the tripod using the VYCE from RRS?

A: Yes, I like to put one leg of the tripod forward pointing toward the target and stand, kneel, or sit behind the tripod, in the middle, between the two rear facing legs. If you have a QD sling on your rifle, you can remove the rear sling attachment and bring the sling down to a tripod leg and wrap it around with your hand to put a little tension of the front of the rifle. Try not to lean or grip the rifle excessively. Get the rifle pointed as close as possible to the exact point of aim with the tripod head so you are not forcing the rifle onto the target and creating unnatural tension that will release when the rifle fires. Let the tripod do as much of the work as possible – you may even want to float your cheek above the stock to avoid causing excess wiggle in the sight picture. Same goes for your shoulder against the recoil pad. Be there to absorb the recoil, but you don’t necessarily need to be tight against the rifle. This will again help steady the gun and allow you to aim better. If the crosshair stays centered on the vitals when the gun fires, you’ll be notching your tag assuming you did everything else well.


Q: Can I adapt the VYCE mount to my tripod?

A: Yes, you can remove the ARCA/RRS dovetail from the bottom and screw on other adapter plates. However, a single mounting screw might allow the plate to rotate and sacrifice some stability. For best results we recommend mounting the VYCE on one of our RRS tripods. These will provide optimum stability and a greater range of heights for shooting in any situation.

  • Length: 3.0″/ 76mm
  • Width: 4.4″/ 112mm
  • Height: 3.4″/ 86mm
  • Weight: 17oz/ 481.9g
  • Minimum Open: 1″
  • Maximum Open: 3″

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