Seek Outside SXL Titanium Wood Stove

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Seek Outside stoves are cut, bent, and built with computer-controlled equipment to ensure precise and uniform dimensions. Feel secure in knowing that our stoves are the highest quality of their type, with tight tolerances that control airflow through the firebox and materials that will last through years of tough use. Seek Outside stoves are designed to optimize strength, durability, ease of use, heat transfer, and minimal weight. Titanium is very light, tough, and handles high heat loads very well. The stoves feature a front intake control, tight tolerances, and a functional damper that allows you to easily control airflow through the firebox. The flat-top makes cooking a breeze.  If your fire building skills are on point, you can have a cup of water boiling about 6 or 7 minutes after lighting the flame. Medium Stove ships with: -Stove box (front, back, sides, top, bottom, door) -Legs & hardware needed to assemble -Intake control -Damper -Spark arrestor -Zippered storage bag *YOU WILL NEED TO SELECT THE CORRECT PIPE LENGTH FOR YOUR TENT AND ORDER SEPARATELY*

You can’t beat the comfort of a fire in camp! The Seek Outside stoves are a great way to bring the fire inside for those chilly nights and mornings to help you stay motivated.  They’ll warm up a tipi in a hurry and can help keep things warm as you’re cooking to reduce fuel usage.  The SXL is a nice size for the 6-man, Redcliff, and 8-man tipis.  Wear gloves during assembly to avoid getting cut by the sharp edges on the pipe when sliding the retaining rings on.  

The SXL puts out some serious heat and will eat up condensation and help you dry out gear even on the wettest of days.  If you’re heading out on a late season hunt, the SXL will provide that extra level of comfort to help you get going in the morning and hunt hard regardless of what mother nature throws your way.


  • Stove Assembly – lay bottom out and assemble sides, back, front into the grooves.  Put top on, then keeping pressure on top and bottom insert one leg from bottom through top.  Install wingnut on top, then install wingnut on bottom and tension.  It is much easier to install the next three legs, just repeat the process.  The flat based weld nuts are feet.
    • When burning for the first time, do not over tighten the stove box or you will cause warping.  
    • Clean the titanium before the first burn – any fingerprints will heat set and be there forever.
  • Pipe Assembly – The pipe is a bear to roll the first time, but after burning it is a cinch.  The first burn heat sets the pipe, and gives it memory of the stovepipe shape.  To roll it the first time, take your time, and wear gloves.  Start on one end, carefully rolling the pipe into an elongated cone shape until you can slip the first ring on. Milk that ring down the pipe slowly, adding more rings as you go.   Alternatively, you can use two or more people to make the job go quicker.  The lazy man’s way is to take a long piece of PVC and use that to help roll the pipe into shape.  
    • The pipe goes around the damper.  Slide the lower pipe ring up to give some room for expansion, slip the pipe over the damper, then lower the pipe ring to tighten.
    • Make sure there are no crinkles or creases in the pipe before the first burn, or they will be there forever.
  • Fire Starting –  Wetfire, Instafire, trioxane, commercial paraffin wax infused cardboard products (sold for starting charcoal grills), or vaseline soaked cotton balls all work great for starting fires in our stoves.  With one of these lit in the middle to back of the stove, start by placing small twigs or shavings on top, leaving plenty of breathing room until it’s going well.  Once a good coal bed is going you can place rounds in.   More traditional fire starting with jute twine, charcloth, flint and steel, shavings, etc, are crazy fun but unfortunately not in our stoves.  The door size limits access and the commercial or home prep fire starters work better.
  • Burn Chamber 8.25″ Tall / 10.25″ Wide / 14″ long 
  • Height with legs 12 inches 
  • Weight of Stove including Damper, legs, hardware, and Storage bag, is 40 oz.
  • Stovepipe weighs 2 oz per foot
  • Made in CO, USA

Stove Carrying Bag

Stove Pipe (9′ to work with a variety of shelters)

Damper & Screen

Stove body panels

Gloves for assembly

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