Swarovski ATX Spotting Scope Modular Zoom Eyepiece (Angled Viewing)

The angled Swarovski ATX Eyepiece features a wide field of view and huge exit pupil ideally suited for digiscoping and long glassing sessions searching for an elusive muley or coues buck. This eyepiece is compatible with the ATX-65, ATX-85, and ATX-95 objective assemblies. Zoom ranges from 25-60X with the 65 & 85mm objectives and 30-70X with the 95mm objective lens.

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The angled ATX eyepiece works with all three ATX-65, ATX-85, and ATX-95 objective assemblies. When it’s mounted with 65 or 85mm objective assembly, it yields a magnification range of 25-60x. When mounted on the ATX-95mm  model, the zoom range is 30-70x.

The ATX Eyepiece works perfectly with the included Phone Skope eyepiece adapter to create an amazing digital imaging platform. (Renter must supply their respective Phone Skope phone case)

Large & precise controls for focus and zoom makes the ATX eyepiece usable for hunters in cold weather.  Swarovski engineered the angled-view eyepiece’s focus dial to precisely align with the zoom dial on the objective assembly, enabling one-handed adjustments to field of view and zoom. This feature is especially useful when tracking an object, requiring one hand to guide the tripod head. The generous viewing angle, extra-long eye relief, and click-stop/twist-in eyecup combined with legendary resolution and color fidelity make the ATX spotting scope system a world-class optical experience regardless of how you choose to configure it.

  • 25-60x zoom range (with ATX-65, ATX-85)
  • 30-70x zoom range (with ATX-95 only)
  • Apparent angle of view: 71-57°
  • Angle of view: 2.37-1.3° (ATX-65, ATX-85), 1.98-1.09° (ATX-95 only)
  • SWAROCLEAN non-stick coating on ocular surface
  • Phase-corrected roof prisms

With ATX-65, ATX-85 Scopes: 25 to 60x
With ATX-95 Scopes: 30 to 70x

Exit Pupil Diameter

With ATX-65 Scopes: 2.6 to 1.1 mm
With ATX-85 Scopes: 3.4 to 1.4 mm
With ATX-95 Scopes: 3.2 to 1.4 mm

Angle of View

With 65 mm, 85 mm Scopes: 2.4 to 1.3° (Actual)
With 95 mm Scopes: 2 to 1.1° (Actual)
71 to 57° (Apparent)


1.8 lbs

Minimum Focus Distance

With 65 Scopes: 6.9′ / 2.1 m
With 85 Scopes: 11.8′ / 3.6 m
With 95 Scopes: 15.7′ / 4.8 m

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