Vortex 10×42 Fury HD 5000 AB

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The Fury® HD 5000 AB is an extremely effective angle-compensatedlaser rangefinding binocular intended for hunters, archers, and shooters. The primary HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode provides key angle compensated range information the vast majority of rifle and bow shooters require in a simple, quick-to-read display.The Fury® HD 5000 AB also has a BAL (Ballistics) mode and Scan feature, along with adjustments for reading in yards or meters, and setting the display brightness.The Fury® HD 5000 AB comes equipped with on-board compass, humidity, barometric pressure, and temperature sensors.

*** Unlock even more features in your Vortex® Fury® HD 5000 AB rangefinding binocular with the Fury HD App, including custom ballistic profiles to precisely match your loadout, and full access to the Applied Ballistics® bullet library. ***

From your iPhone and iPad Download the FURY HD App from the App Store App Store FURY HD
From your Android device Download the FURY HD App from the Play Store Google Play FURY HD

I’m a big fan of any rangefinder running Applied Ballistics.  This is the gold standard in the industry and is developed by renowned ballistician Bryan Litz.  It is the same ballistic engine used by Sig in their high end rangefinders.

The Fury is a really compact RF binocular!  It’s really the only one available that I would recommend for bowhunters as well.  The glass is quite good as well so you’re not sacrificing optical performance for a great rangefinder.  There is a slight blue/green tint in the right side to provide better contrast for the rangefinder’s red readout.  It’s noticeable, but doesn’t seem to cause issues when glassing for game.  I would prefer if both sides were clear, as I don’t think the tint is needed, but perhaps it’s something that comes with the type of digital readout used.  The readout is excellent.

The Fury provides lightning quick response and displays the range and hold-overs faster than any rangefinder I’ve used previously.  Some rangefinders have a noticeable lag that can seem like an eternity when you have game in range, but that’s not an issue with the Fury.

In testing the Fury I also found the laser beam to be very tight and allowed me to laser through holes in brush to range a piece of an animal I could see behind the brush.  Many rangefinders struggle to provide ranges in thick cover, but I found the Fury is particularly good at this which may allow you to range the animal well before they step into a shooting lane.

Overall the Fury is a tremendous value for the precision shooter.  The rangefinder has excellent reach that surpasses the ranging distance of any RF binocular except the newest Sig Kilo K-series and will range targets and provide ballistic solutions beyond the capability of almost any hunting rifle.

I’d rate the rangefinder a 9/10 and the glass a 7.5/10 against the best binoculars out there.   I would feel very confident taking this RF binocular on any hunt or to any long range rifle match and use only the RF displayed output for my hold-overs and wind calls.

Shoot Straight!