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Great experience with Rent Outdoor Gear.

Great experience with Rent Outdoor Gear. Three buddies and I drew late-season Colorado
Mule Deer tags. Going into the hunt we knew we would need BIG glass to search through
immense mountainsides of quaking aspens. We rented a Swarovski BTX, a Kowa Highlander
Angled Binocular, and some stout tripods to keep them grounded. We were amazed at how
much area we were able to cover, which saved us all a ton of footwork. Between the four of us,
we were all able to fill our tags on reasonably sized bucks. This successful Mule deer hunt came
down to our ability to find the Mule Deer, that were in the not-so-obvious locations. We certainly
had an advantage over other hunters. We will be renting again this fall.

Kyle Bradshaw

Solved our dilemma

Rent Outdoor Gear solved a dilemma when a group of 4 of us drew late-season deer tags and none of us had a large heated shelter. We contacted Rent Outdoor Gear and got set up with a Seek Outside 12-person tipi and stove for the week-long hunt. The process was easy, and the shelter was absolutely vital in making the hunt successful. In the end, we filled all 4 tags and had a great hunt. And none of us had to fork over a big chunk of change to buy an expensive shelter.

J. Kuntz

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