Tips & FAQ

Helpful Tips & FAQ

* Always save the original box and packing materials from your order! You will need this box and the pre-paid label we provided to ship your items back to us.  

TIP #1: We recommend booking your gear to arrive at least one day before you plan to depart for your trip, and preferably more if you are traveling by air or around holidays and periods of inclement weather. We cannot fully control what happens during shipping. We will always make sure your gear leaves on time so it will arrive on or before your requested rental start date. In rare cases, shipping companies can lose a shipment or experience delays due to weather and other unforeseen factors like the occasional global pandemic, mail in ballots, things getting lost with Trump’s votes, vaccine shipments, or a good old fashioned riot in your town. 

TIP #2: We cannot make or accept requests for the shipper to leave a package on your doorstep if you are away. Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS My Choice to schedule home deliveries to arrive when you will be there. We will not ship to P.O. boxes for rentals. A signature and I.D. will be required by the carrier when your package is delivered. Packages can not be re-routed to another address using the services listed above, but in some cases they can be used to have your package held at a nearby shipping hub for pickup. You will need to present a current, government-issued photo I.D. and sign for the package. In many cases, shipping gear to your work place or a UPS or FedEx shipping center is a better option.  Let us know and we can help you find the nearest UPS/FedEx.

If you know that you will not be able to sign for your package, just identify your nearest UPS/FedEx store or shipping hub and enter that address information for the ship to address.  They will hold the package for you until you can show ID and sign for the package.  You will have to arrive during business hours for these locations to pick up the package.

TIP #3: If you need to extend your rental, call us ASAP to confirm before the last day of your rental, 1-855-355-3337 or email In many cases we may be able to extend your rental. However, due to limited inventory quantities and other bookings, some items may not be eligible for an extension. We greatly appreciate you going the extra mile to ensure rentals are returned on time. Another customer in your rental community is likely depending on it. We have contingencies in place, but if you rent irresponsibly, your account may be suspended.  If you’re uncertain about your return date (flying out of the bush in Alaska or Canada for instance) add a few extra days to the end of your rental.  We can refund these days if you return early.

TIP #4: We suggest you stick the return label on the box after opening it so it is less likely to be lost. Please securely re-tape any shipping boxes as needed when you drop them off with an appropriate packing tape to help ensure our gear arrives safely.  The shipper always has tape available you can use at the drop-off counter during business hours.

TIP #5: ALWAYS ask for a receipt when dropping your gear off with USPS, FedEx or a UPS Store or service center. This provides proof that you did leave the package with them, and shoot a photo of the receipt with your phone to ensure you have a copy you can’t lose.


  1.  HOW DO I PICK THE DATES FOR MY RENTAL?  ANSWER: Start your reservation on the date you want your items to arrive, but understand they may be delivered late in the afternoon or early evening on that day.  Add an extra day if you have flight to catch.  The end date of your rental is the day you will drop the item back off at the shipper.  If there’s a chance you may extend your trip or you may be impacted by weather in your travels, add a day or two extra at the end of your reservation.  Note – weekend start and end dates are not allowed in the booking calendar as most delivery companies do not deliver on weekends and while you may be able to drop a package off on a Saturday it will not begin its journey back until Monday.  If you can drop off early – that is encouraged. 
  2. WHERE DO WE PICK UP RENTALS LOCALLY?  ANSWER:  You can pick up orders at Reilly’s Christian Boutique at 1000 S. Vista Ave., Boise, ID 83705.  You can let the clerk know you are picking up a rental and they will send someone up with your order.  Reilly’s hours are 9:30 – 5:30 weekdays, and 10:00 – 4:00 pm Saturdays.
  3. DO YOU RENT LONG RANGE RIFLES?  ANSWER: Our sister company, Rent Guns and Gear has an awesome selection of long range rifle systems that are custom built on titanium actions with carbon barrels that arrive to you ready to hunt!  You can shop rifles at
  4. CAN YOU SHIP TO MY OUTFITTER OR TO THE TOWN NEAREST MY DESTINATION?  ANSWER: Yes, we can ship to a UPS/FedEx location near your destination or directly to a guide or outfitter.  This can reduce the rental duration and be a convenient option as you will not have to transport gear to and from your destination if you are flying.  If you are traveling to AK or out of country however, please have your gear shipped to your address in the continental U.S.  AK shipping is slow, expensive, and somewhat unreliable.
  5. HOW DOES THE KEEPER PROGRAM WORK? ANSWER: See this link Keeper Program

Send us your questions! In addition to answering, we may post the responses here to help other customers.