Kowa TSN-99A PROMINAR with TE-80XW 40X

Consider the game changed with the new TSN-99A 99mm PROMINAR Pure Fluorite Spotting Scope with Kowa’s largest objective lens to date. Measuring 99 mm in diameter and made of pure fluorite crystal. All Sixty years of technological innovation goes into this Scope. Utilizing the very best from Kowa’s optical heritage and benefits from features, technology and engineering developed by generations of Kowa optical experts.

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At the heart of all Kowa PROMINAR flagship optics are Kowa’s unique pure fluorite crystal lenses and the TSN-99 PROMINAR features their largest objective lens ever produced at 99mm. The goal which Kowa achieved was to create a scope delivering outstanding low light performance and exquisite detail free from chromatic aberration. To create an optic delivering one of the brightest and widest view of nature. Crystal clear – a phrase you will often hear loosely used in the world of sporting optics, but take a look through a Kowa TSN-99 PROMINAR spotting scope and that’s exactly what you will get, both physically and visually. A solid piece of pure fluorite crystal was crafted into a perfectly polished and multi-coated lens to deliver the true definition of what is crystal clear and the ultimate viewing experience. For the first time in any Kowa spotting scope, a Kowa XD lens with extremely low dispersion characteristics was used for the convex lens of the TSN-99 PROMINAR. The concave lens paired with the fluorite crystal lens is made with special dispersion properties to reduce chromatic aberration even further. This special combination virtually eliminates chromatic aberration even at high magnification. It redefines the standards of color brilliance. This technology is the result of many years of Kowa optical design.

The dual focus system is one of the defining features of Kowa flagship spotting scopes, highly engineered to give ultimate control, the TSN-99 PROMINAR is no exception, the optic is a dream to use out in the field. The dual focus mechanism is the gateway to controlling the image between your eye and the scope. Exquisite engineering is refined to make operation flawless. Quick focus allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst Fine focus gives
pin-point, finger-tip control offering the ultimate in focusing accuracy with minute adjustments possible even when wearing gloves. The responsive focus system is tuned to not only respond effortlessly for conventional observation, but increases performance for applications when accurate focus is critical.

The TSN-99A PROMINAR looks like no other scope, a statement of style and sophistication with bold details. But looks aren’t everything, every slender curve has been considered at the design stage and serves a purpose with comfort and ease of operation at the forefront. Smooth ergonomics combined with high end engineering delivers a scope that is easy to use out in the field for long periods of time.

Under the beautiful shell of TSN-99 PROMINAR, a super strong magnesium alloy chassis is utilized, this lightweight material is created using a sophisticated molding process called thixotrophic molding, the result: A material with all the strength benefits of metal whilst still reaming lightweight. By employing the use of a 100% magnesium alloy structure, the TSN-99 PROMINAR series spotting scope is one of the most compact and lightweight in its class of large objective spotting scopes making it more portable than many other models. The objective lens has further protection from the elements with Kowa’s unique KR coating which actively repels dirt, moisture and dust from building on the surface.

Creating one of the finest spotting scopes on the planet just wasn’t enough. Introducing the new TE-80XW 40x extreme wide eyepiece. Redefining what it is to view nature. A true optical innovation. Kowa engineers have developed one of the most immersive visual experiences you can expect to see in a sporting optic device.
Featuring an advanced optical design, the view through Kowa TE-80XW can only be described as breath-taking. Kowa has created an eyepiece with one of the widest field of views, an incredible 80 degrees. Immerse yourself into the scene with a magnification of 40x and a field of view of up to 37m at 1000m distance. Find a subject quicker with a wider view of your surroundings. The optical design incorporates a field flattener lens maintaining a flat resolution throughout the entire 80 degree field of view. A Kowa XD lens is utilized to minimize chromatic aberration. The Kowa TE-80XW is 100% waterproof and sealed to protect against the elements.
Kowa’s unique KR coating is applied to the lens with enhanced protection against dirt, moisture and dust.


Here’s the short version – It’s spectacular, and the new TE-80XW is phenomenal on the TSN-99 and TSN-88.  I spent a lot of time behind the TSN-99A before it was released to the public and compared it extensively with Kowa’s TSN-88 and with the comparable Swarovski ATX-95.  There was too much information to drop here, so I did a full review article you can find in our Blog or read on Rokslide.



Objective Lens Effective Diameter:


Objective Lens Material:

Fluorite crystal and XD lens

Minimum Focusing Distance:

19.7 FT.

Length 99A / 99S:

14.9 IN. / 14.3 IN.

Weight 99A / 99S:

63.8 OZ. / 64.7 OZ.

Filter thread:





Subjective field of view (degree):


Field of view at 1000m:

37m (1000yds /117ft)

Exit Pupil Diameter:


Relative Brightness:


Twilight Factor:


Eye Relief (mm):                                 17

Kowa TSN-99A 99 mm. PROMINAR Pure Fluorite Spotting Scope Body, Angled with KOWA TE-80XW 40X EXTREME WIDE ANGLE EYEPIECE

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