Kowa TSN-PA7A DSLR Digiscoping Adapter for TSN 880/770 Spotting Scopes

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The Kowa TSN-PA7A DSLR digiscoping adapter transforms your KOWA TSN 880/770 series scope into an extremely high powered telephoto lens for you D-SLR, or Mirrorless/MFT camera. Allowing you to not only experience stunningly sharp views of the world around you, but also take highly magnified, detailed and vibrant photographs and videos with your D-SLR camera.

In contrast to conventional digiscoping, where the image produced by the spotting scope eyepiece is photographed. the TSN-PA7A connects your camera body directly to the body of the scope via a T2 mount. Creating a high powered, yet lightweight and compact telephoto lens, when compared to traditional telephoto lenses.

Designed to be used with the Kowa TE-11WZ/ TE-10Z zoom eyepieces and Kowa TSN-880/770 series spotting scopes. The design allows for the full use of the zoom eyepiece range giving an amazing focal length reach of up to 2570mm

Key Features
  • Connect Camera to Kowa Spotting Scope
  • Up to 2750mm Focal Length
  • Fits Kowa TSN 880/770 Scopes
  • Adapter Attaches to Camera with T2 Ring
  • Slips Easily On/Off Scope
  • Usable with TE-10Z and TE-11WZ Eyepieces
  • Requires T2 Mount

Kowa TSN-PA7 DSLR Digiscoping Adapter for TSN 880/770 Spotting Scopes