Kowa TSN-PA7 DSLR Digiscoping Adapter for TSN 99mm, 88mm, and 77mm Spotting Scopes

Kowa TSN-PA7 DSLR Digiscoping Adapter for TSN 880/770 Spotting Scopes

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The Kowa TSN-PA7A DSLR digiscoping adapter transforms your KOWA TSN 99/880/770 series scope into a high-powered telephoto lens for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.  Now you can experience stunningly sharp views of the world around you and capture those moments in all their detailed splendor with vibrant photographs and videos using your DSLR camera.

In contrast to conventional photography, in digiscoping, the image produced by the spotting scope eyepiece is photographed. The TSN-PA7A connects your camera body directly to the body of the scope via a camera body specific T2 mount eliminating any potential misalignment, vibration points, or light leaks. The result is a super telephoto lens with tremendous reach.

The TSN-PA7 only works with Kowa TE-11WZ/TE-10Z/TE-80XW eyepieces and Kowa TSN-99 A/S, 88 A/S, 883/884, 773/774 series spotting scopes. The design allows for the full use of the zoom eyepiece range giving an amazing range of focal length from 1000 mm up to 2450 mm!

Note: You will have to manually focus the image using the scope’s focus mechanism and you will have to set exposure (shutter speed, and ISO) manually as well.

Note: The appropriate T2 Adapter ring for Canon, Nikon, or Sony Cameras must also be rented separately and is required to mate the camera to the TSN-PA7 adapter.  If you already have a T2 adapter for your camera, it should work to mate your camera to the TSN-PA7 digiscoping adapter.


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Key Features
  • Connect Camera to Kowa Spotting Scope
  • 1000mm focal length up to 2450mm Focal Length
  • Fits Kowa TSN 99 A/S, 88 A/S, 883/884, 773/774 Scopes
  • Adapter Attaches to Camera with T2 Ring*
  • Slips Easily On/Off Scope
  • Usable with TE-10Z, TE-11WZ, and TE-80XW Eyepieces
  • *Requires Camera Body Specific T2 Mount – Rented Separately (Canon EOS (AF), Nikon F, Nikon Z, Sony E-Mount, Micro 4/3 Universal)

Kowa TSN-PA7 DSLR Digiscoping Adapter for TSN 880/770 Spotting Scopes

DOES NOT INCLUDE T2 Adapter – please rent appropriate Canon, Nikon, Sony or universal Micro 4/3 adapters separately.  Adapters for other cameras can be purchased from online camera dealers like B&H Photo