Swarovski 85mm Objective Lens only

Taking functionality to a new level: the ATX / STX / BTX spotting scope system combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. The objective lens can be changed to suit any viewing situation. With the 85 mm objective module you can be prepared for any situation. Its large field of view and zoom range enable quick and precise observation. Excellent light transmission, zoom range, and close-range focusing also make it an ideal tool for digiscoping.

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The 85 mm objective holds down the mid-sized spot in Swarovski’s line of modular spotting scopes. The Swarovski TX 85mm Objective Lens has a new base design that fits directly in Arca-Swiss QD style tripods. Now you won’t need a QD plate with arca compatible tripods. The 85mm objective works with all three available eyepiece modules: straight (STX) or angled (ATX), or the binocular (BTX). This mid-sized objective performs better in low light than the smaller 65mm and saves some weight and bulk compared to the larger 95mm.

Swarovski combines legendary image quality and world-class workmanship, both qualities that hardcore hunters and guides have come to expect. The 85mm objective strikes an ideal balance between light-gathering performance, optical resolution, and portability. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for the backcountry hunter. Fluorite glass elements provide maximum color fidelity, true to life imagery, crisp, and rich with detail. The field-flattening lens system produces clear details all the way to the edges of the view. Proprietary coatings on lenses and prisms minimize glare and maximize contrast, so you can glass effectively even when the sun is in you face.

The rubber armored magnesium chassis protects the nitrogen-filled, O-ring sealed optics so they’re dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to internal fogging in extreme hunting conditions.


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I recommend the 85mm for backpacking primarily because it’s about 2.2″ shorter than its larger 95mm brother and will fit in your pack better. It’s also 1/2 pound lighter than the 95mm.  The 85mm provides 30X when paired with the BTX eyepiece which is about the perfect magnification for picking apart distant terrain from 1/2 mile to 2 miles out. The FOV isn’t so tight you feel like you’re missing out on the big picture, but it provides enough magnification to study the shadows and look for small details of animals trying to blend into the cover.

If you hunt out of your backpack a lot, this is probably the better objective choice for you.  If you’re more into day hunting, accessing glassing points from a vehicle or short-hikes nearer the road, then the 95mm objective does give you a little more reach for glassing greater distnaces and it’s the standard by which everything else is judged.  


Eye Piece (required)


Objective Lens Diameter



L: 10.3″ / L: 26.2 cm


38.8 oz / 1100.0 g

Minimum Focus Distance

11.8′ / 3.6 m