Vortex Razor 85mm MRAD Eyepiece only

Use the Vortex MRAD reticle eyepiece with the latest generation Razor HD 27-60x85mm spotter for long range shooting. This is a must-have tool for anyone serious about shooting to improve spotter/shooter communications. It’s essentially like having a copy of your rifle reticle inside your spotting scope, so you can precisely measure and call impacts for a shooting partner. This eyepiece is calibrated in MRAD/MIL to match the reticle subtension markings in our tactical scopes. NOT compatible with MOA rifle scopes! Copy and paste the following link to see the MOA Version https://rgunsngear.com/product/vortex-razor-85mm-moa-eyepiece-only/

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The Vortex MOA/MRAD eyepieces can be used with the Razor HD 85mm spotter for calling shots so spotter-shooter communication becomes seamless. It’s essentially like having a duplicate of your rifle scope inside your Razor HD spotting scope. Therefore, you can precisely measure and call your buddy’s shots with MOA or MIL subtension markings. Providing exact adjustments to the shooter will ensure that any follow up shots will find their mark.

This eyepiece is specifically designed for use with the latest generation 85mm Razor HD spotting scopes – it is not compatible with the 65mm and 50 mm Razor HD or Viper HD models. This is a fixed power eyepiece. Magnification is static at 22X. This version is MIL/MRAD and is NOT compatible with the standard MOA scopes used on our rental rifles.


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This is an awesome tool for the long range hunter or competitive shooter. There are very few reticle spotting scopes available and this one happens to be a great option paired with the 85mm Razor HD. It would be nice if you could zoom, but then the price would be much higher and image quality/reticle sharpness would likely suffer. You have to spend 3X the money for a Swarovski STR 80 HD, but if there’s interest, we’ll get one!

The eyepiece is small and light enough you could pack it in addition to the standard zoom eyepiece on your Razor HD 85 and probably forget it was even in the pack until you need it. It’s a great tool for the competitive PRS shooter going to a big match too! You can watch wind drift in the scope to get a better read off your competitors. Advantage = yours!



Eye Relief

31 mm

Angle of View

2.5 degrees

Field of View

 130.3 ft/1000 yds


3.1 in


11.5 oz

Caps for the eyepiece and attachment side

PhoneSkope eyepiece adapter*

*You will need to provide your own PhoneSkope phone case to pair with the adapter.